• SDR

    Getting started with Software Defined Radio (SDR)

    How to move on from the FM radio examples

    yak shaving:
      1. Any apparently useless activity which, by allowing
         you to overcome intermediate difficulties, allows
         you to solve a larger problem.
  • LinkedIn

  • Live streaming on twitchtv

    Scope, Shains, & Closure

    I enjoy learning. Everything.

    The internet has made learning about computers possible for me. Sharing that enthusiasm could be classed as “teaching” but teaching and learning are intrinsically coupled.

  • Zerklerod

    Zerklerod is the latest in Software Defined Radio

    Zerklerod. An IRC #hackrf bot story.


  • Iridium

    Iridium Satellite Constellation

    “Fortunately, the complexity of the Iridium air interface should make the challenge of developing an Iridium L-Band monitoring system very difficult and probably beyond the reach of all but the most determined adversaries” - Iridium LLC

    323 23.520N 3427.619
    E TVG:878 693 585 50
    9 449 401 360 324 PG
    Iridium packet with GPS Location and sonar status

  • Teensy and the RF1101SE

    Driving the RF1101SE-v3.1 with a Teensy microcontroller

    This week I spent a couple of days fighting with, testing, and then finally releasing some working code that drives a Texas Instruments CC1101 based board with the fabulous Teensy from PJRC. I also include some code to configure Michael Ossmann’s Yard Stick One which has become an indespensible device for working with packet-based radios.

  • A brief introduction to the Internet of Things

    I had a lot of fun giving a 45 min talk in a 15min time slot to a diverse room full of lovely geeks.

    Part motivational, part instructional. Aimed at inspiring programmers to start playing with hardware.

    I titled it “A brief introduction to the Internet of Things”

  • Painting with Radio

    HackRF Node Stream Spectrum Painter

    Folks were playing around with Hellschreiber encoding in the #hackrf channel on Freenode last week using hackrf_transfer

    Which then made me remember a tweet from @maxogden playing around with a hackrf node module at the CCC 2015 camp.

    And using a hackrf via node is something I’ve wanted since before it was even a thing.

  • WBFM Transmit with HackRF & GNURadio

    Radio transmissions with HackRF

    Today I was transmitting a ‘Wide Band Frequency Modulation’ (WBFM) encoded radio in a carrier wave with Michael Ossmann’s Software Defined Radio (SDR) peripheral, HackRF.

    I leave my experience here as breadcrumbs for others who follow in the path of learning Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

  • Gareth does Canada

    Thursday (20th August 2015) is my last day with Greenpeace International.

    For the last three years I’ve been based in Amsterdam as Team Leader of Greenpeace International’s Local Information Technology team. Stretching the boundaries and ideas around what a technology team could & should be in a modern organisation.

  • Teach it

    On Saturday May 23rd I had the opportunity to be part of International NodeSchool Day, attending as a mentor.

    As my first outing to meet other programmers in Vancouver it was a great success.

    More importantly it was a chance to teach.

  • Manage / Lead

    Joining Rands’ Leadership channel. Jessica’s People vs. Oil article. Javascript ES6 good times. Tonnes of great tunes.

    It’s been a good week.

  • Playful cleverness

    A hacker is one who enjoys the intellectual challenge of creatively overcoming and circumventing the limitations of programming systems. And in doing so, tries to extend their capabilities.

    The act of programming in a spirit of playfulness and exploration is termed hacking.


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