Driving the RF1101SE-v3.1 with a Teensy microcontroller

This week I spent a couple of days fighting with, testing, and then finally releasing some working code that drives a Texas Instruments CC1101 based board with the fabulous Teensy from PJRC. I also include some code to configure Michael Ossmann’s Yard Stick One which has become an indespensible device for working with packet-based radios.

It was a whole lot of fun and a real break from my work on the Iridium Satellite Constellation that has consumed my every waking hour for the last 6 months.

Saleae connected to the RF1101SE-V3.1

The RF1101SE is a generic Texas Instruments CC1101 based board with capacitors and parts limiting the effective frequency range to 433MHz.

If you want to get a Teensy then the best place to source one is while ordering Open Source Hardware circuit boards from OSHPark.com

Or you can order a Teensy directly for about US$20 delivered worldwide.

I <3 OSH Park. They’re awesome

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