Joining Rands’ Leadership channel. Jessica’s People vs. Oil article. Javascript ES6 good times. Tonnes of great tunes.

It’s been a good week.

“Manage” “Lead”
Administers Innovates
Asks Inspires
Coordinates Motivates
Enacts culture & environment Shapes culture & environment
  Influences without authority peers or those more senior.
Talks to and manages customer Manages customer expectations, influences thinking, becomes trusted advisor
Understand requirements Understands customers IT context and needs.
Actively engages team to solve problem. Actively uses network to help solve problems, wherever they are.
Thinks incrementally Thinks radically
Accepts responsibility Takes responsibility for self, actions and team, including mistakes (and then learning from them)
Is developing themselves Is developing others
Builds own skills Builds others skills, team capability & confidence
  Obvious & Effective Role Model
Aware of team morale Aware of and actively acts to help manage team morale
Has energy Engenders/drives energy & commitment in the team
Efficient Effective
Transactional Transformational
Handles change Drives change
Can be pushed out of comfort zone Steps forward out of comfort zone
Lights the fire under people Stokes the fire within people
Waits for permission/approval Feels empowered and empowers others appropriately.
Regularly communicates status Frequently, openly communicates, including the bigger picture context.
Can present on their topic. Can present to and hold interest of a room full of people on a number of topics
  Simplifies – communications, problems, solutions. Making them easy to understand and implement.
Delivers what they commit to. Deliberately acts to enables others to deliver better/faster.
  Has several mentees, including being able to articulate specific actions/issues they are helping them with/address.
Only has one leadership style Can demonstrate several leadership styles.
Makes decisions, but seeks approval. Makes and facilitates quick decisions, sometimes without all the data.

Current interests:

  • Rands’ Leadership slash Semi-Informal Serendipitous Bitching Group on Slack
  • Eslint and per-repository configuration via an .eslintrc file.
  • You Don’t Know Javascript - Chapter 4: Mixing (Up) “Class” Objects
  • Aspiration Manifesto - Aspiration are a values-driven nonprofit technology organization
  • Lazymorphic Apps - Bringing back the static web - Henrik Joreteg
  • NPM modules
  • - Top Artists: 7 days
    • Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Berry Weight, Daedelus, Ammoncontact, Delarosa & Asora, Mouse on Mars, Lizzy Parks, Long Arm, user18081971, Attica Blues, Bola, Stevie Wonder, Sixtoo, Loka, Radiohead, Coal Chamber, Funkstörung, Legion Of Green Men, Savath & Savalas, Dday One, Nine Inch Nails, Bonobo, Chet Faker, Cex, Heights of Abraham, Piano Overlord, Doctor Flake, Glen Porter, The Q4, 2econd Class Citizen, Ministry, Push Button Objects, Daft Punk, Jon Kennedy, Jega, Ani DiFranco, Audiomontage, Evan Gipson, Azaxx, Marumari, Flevans, BADBADNOTGOOD, Brothomstates, Al Green, Up, Bustle and Out, Sola Rosa, Robag Wruhme, The Clifford Gilberto Rhythm Combination, Lou Rhodes.
  • The People vs. Oil - Jessica Wilson - The Georgia Straight