Thursday (20th August 2015) is my last day with Greenpeace International.

For the last three years I’ve been based in Amsterdam as Team Leader of Greenpeace International’s Local Information Technology team. Stretching the boundaries and ideas around what a technology team could & should be in a modern organisation.

What went wrong?

Nothing bad. With GP’s new focus on decentralising staff and outsourcing as much technology as possible it’s now up to National & Regional Offices (NRO’s) to drive GP’s campaigns in a distributed and collaborative model.

With my wife now running Greenpeace Canada’s Arctic campaign that puts us in Canada for at least the next few years and leaves me open for new adventures.

What next?

Well “because immigration” I’m literally free for the next four months.

I have the next four months to either work remotely and get paid outside of Canada or spend that time building my relationships and knowledge through volunteering, interning, teaching, and organising around three broad intersecting disciplines

  • Hardware gadgets: Tessel, Arduino, robotics
  • SDR (Software Defined Radio): GnuRadio, HackRF
  • Node: JavaScript all the things™

The 29th of August will be my third Vancouver NodeSchool and with it I hope to continue building interest in what can loosely be called The Internet of Things

With plenty of time, enthusiasm, and a few hardware gadgets available I hope to continue making new friendships and growing my skills in leadership and Open Source participation.

Collaborating with people is a real joy and I’m excited about the opportunity to be back in a geeky environment full of possibility.

If you can think of an organisation that might benefit from a hacker with great interpersonal skills then please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

I’m easy to find on the internets — résumé/cv

Current interests: