DNS (Domain Name System) is one of those truly wonderful chunks of knowledge that you can get away with outsourcing but in the end you really need to know wtf is going on.

I have a soft spot for DNS. I know that I don’t know enough and yet I know more than most.

It’s a wonderful place to focus your knowledge. Especially with IPV6 coming along while gazzilions of admins around the world chant the chorus to “la la la la la la la la la la la la” with fingers firmly stuck in ears.

It’s the glue of the internet. There really no way around it.

You may drive one of a thousand cars on the internet highway. TCP/UDP implementations of  JSON/HTML/XML/SQL/BLAHBLAHBLAH but DNS tells everyone where to go.

Here’s to you DNS. WIth your spoofing and your new found vulns you still rock my world.

Tip of the Hat!