Well I’m still living out of a backpack and the ideas of what to do with my life are starting to mount up.

What a strange position to be in. I have a couple of businesses that tick over and only require me to work from the interwebs. So now I’m physically free but can’t decide where it is I should put my person.

Peru and their AU$130/month iphone plans with unlimited data?

Australia in a campervan?

London and Linux sysadmin?

Well I was quite looking forward to Amsterdam and Greenpeace sysadmin but UK Passport office helpline for passports #fail means UK passport in 12 months. I’ll have another chat with Greenpeace then perhaps.

What to do till then?

Christof Rehage has an amazing youtube clip that is a must-see http://www.thelongestway.com

That’s given me the inspiration to think about walking up the eastern seaboard of Australia. I could work and walk, losing some desperately unwanted kilos.

Will walking be so much different to driving. I know the coastal route of Australia pretty well in that lazy hop-to-hop next-pretty-place kind of way. Have laptop will travel?

Do I need to get a cart built? What about charging camera/laptop/iphone?

Should I be doing this in Europe, South America, China, South East Asia?

Buggered if I know. Maybe something positive to do with the Copenhagen Climate summit?

Just starting to walk could be a good idea.